US Ambassador urges government to treat ex-president impartially
US Ambassador urges government to treat ex-president impartially

US Ambassador to Georgia Kelly Degnan said official Washington closely monitors ex-president Mikheil Saakashvili’s health state and welfare. According to US Ambassador, Saakashvili’s case should be treated impartially in accordance with Georgian law, and in line with international human rights standards.

“Of course, we are concerned about Mr Saakashvili’s welfare, his wellbeing. We’re monitoring the situation very closely as our people in Washington to make sure that he is treated appropriately with good medical care. I’m not an expert on European law, but I think we continue to urge the Georgian government to treat Mr Saakashvili fairly impartially in accordance with Georgian laws, and of course, in accordance with human rights, international human rights standards.

He is a Ukrainian citizen, so, of course, Ukraine is interested in particular in his welfare. That is the government’s responsibility for their citizens, but we urge the medical professionals to monitor Mr Saakashvili’s condition closely and carefully and provide him with the appropriate care. Again, I’m not a medical expert. My understanding is there’s one prison hospital in Georgia, and it happens to be that one. But I understand the Public Defender has also said that that facility lacks certain care that Mr Saakashvili might need.

So I think the ultimate determinant should be the kind of care that any patient needs. And there are medical experts, who should be consulted to determine that in a fair and impartial way. The bottom line is the health of a human being. So, making sure that anyone who is in that situation receives the kind of care that he or she needs, must be the priority,” Kelly Degnan said.

Law enforcers arrested Mikheil Saakashvili in the Georgian capital of Tbilisi on October 1 and sent him to N12 Rustavi prison. Ex-president has been on a hunger strike since the very first day of his arrest.

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