Uber says Melbourne to have flying taxis by 2023
Uber says Melbourne to have flying taxis by 2023

Flying taxis could be in our skies within four years, according to Uber, which has announced Melbourne will be one of three cities to pilot its latest ambitious ride hailing service.

If you are imagining a flying car think again. Uber’s vision is for a quiet electric-powered aircraft — yet to be certified by aviation authorities anywhere in the world — that would ferry commuters between futuristic skyports at the top of buildings.

The electric vertical takeoff and landing (eVTOL) aircraft — which would be booked through the Uber app — would initially be flown by a commercial pilot. However Uber envisages they would eventually become autonomous.

The technology is still nascent but aviation safety agencies around the world are scrambling to draw up regulations for flying taxis, with Uber one of several companies claiming to be ready to launch services within a few years.

Melbourne will join Dallas and Los Angeles as pilot cities, with Uber claiming test flights will begin next year and commercial operations in 2023. Other Australian cities are expected to follow soon after, The Sydney Morning Herald reports.
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