Taliban claimed responsibility for downing US plane in Afghanistan
Taliban claimed responsibility for downing US plane in Afghanistan

The Afghan Taliban claimed responsibility for downing a US military aircraft that crashed in Ghazni province on Monday.

“A special aircraft of the American occupant was flying in the area, for the purpose of an intelligence mission in the Sado Khail region of Deh Yak district of Ghazni province,” said Afghan Taliban spokesman Zabihullah Mujahid. “Our mujahideen have taken down (the aircraft) tactically.”

The statement was accompanied by video footage and photographs of the aircraft and charred bodies. The letters “USAF,” the identifier of the US Air Force, can be clearly seen on the wreckage, as reported by Arab News.

All crew members and passengers, including several senior CIA officers, were killed, Mujahid added, and the wreckage and bodies remain at the crash site. He did not disclose what kind of weapons the group has used to shoot down the plane.

Earlier, Ghazni Governor Waheedullah Kalemzai said the plane crashed outside the government’s area of control.

Kalemzai’s spokesman, Aref Noori, added that the “aircraft belonged to a foreign company and all of the passengers on board were non-Afghans.”He said: “The plane caught fire. Except for the two pilots, the rest of the bodies cannot be identified, nor can the type of plane be specified.”

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