Scenario outside Amirani cinema (PHOTO)
Scenario outside Amirani cinema (PHOTO)

The members of Georgian March and their supporters are trying to enter Amirani cinema. After the fact that some activists used pyrotechnics, the police decided to close the entrance to the building of Amirani Cinema. The protestors are shouting “shame” and “Georgia”, demanding the cancellation of the movie screenings.

Sandro Bregadze, leader of ultra-conservative movement Georgian March, has announced that he, along with his supporters, will hold a demonstration against the premiere of “And Then We Danced”. As Georgian March believes the movie undermines Georgian traditions and values.

Regarding the ongoing rallies, U.S. Embassy warned Americans in Georgia.

“Various groups are calling for protests against the screening of the movie “And Then We Danced” in Georgia November 8 – 10.  Many of these individuals are from the same groups who used violent anti-LGBT rhetoric and staged demonstrations in June in response to planned Pride Week activities.  Furthermore, several of their recent statements are anti-American in nature and falsely claim that the U.S. and other Western governments “ordered” that the screenings take place,- official statement reads.

The Georgian Interior Ministry has promised to ensure safety and freedom of expression amid threats voiced by ultra-nationalist groups just before the premiere of “And Then We Danced”  movie in Tbilisi and Batumi cinemas starting later today.


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