Ross Wilson – April 9 shows perseverance of Georgian people

The United States of America fully supports Georgia, which spares no efforts for its independence, freedom and democracy – Ross Wilson, Acting US Ambassador to Georgia said. Ross Wilson today visited the Soviet Occupation Museum in Tbilisi.

US Ambassador said that it was a big honor for him to visit the museum of the Soviet occupation in Tbilisi which preserved historic events and reminded people who suffered and lost their lives. Wilson recalled that was serving his diplomatic mission at the US Embassy in Moscow in 1989 and was horrified at seeing the images of April 9 developments in Tbilisi.

“Everything that is kept at this museum reflects one of the most important periods in the history of Georgia that shows the perseverance of Georgian people, their resilience in dealing with tragedy and their ability, in time, to overcome the oppression that this country felt,” Wilson said.

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