Rescuers find corpse in Mtatsminda Park vicinity
Rescuers find corpse in Mtatsminda Park vicinity

Rescuers found the corpse of a foreigner in the vicinity of Mtatsminda Park in Tbilisi. The dead body, reportedly, belongs to an Australian woman, 31, who has been missing since last night.  The corpse was found after several hours-long search efforts.

Georgian Ministry of Internal Affairs (MIA) launched an investigation into the case of a missing foreigner in Tbilisi. The MIA opened the investigation under Article 143 of the Criminal Code, which stipulates illegal deprivation of liberty.

A friend of the missing foreigner released the information in the social network that the girl was asking for a help while talking over the phone from Mtatsminda district last night.

According to the available information, Australian Shanae Brook was an English teacher and arrived in Georgia a year and a half ago.

Rescuers-firefighters and volunteers were involved in the search efforts.

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