Plane carrying Alexey Navalny leaves Russia for Germany
Plane carrying Alexey Navalny leaves Russia for Germany

A plane carrying a prominent Russian politician Alexey Navalny, who is in a coma after a suspected poisoning, has left the Siberian city of Omsk for Germany, according to his spokeswoman.

Kira Yarmysh, Navalny’s spokeswoman, said the politician was transferred to an ambulance early on Saturday and driven to the airport. “The plane carrying Alexei is flying to Berlin,” she said on Twitter.

Russian doctors gave the green light for transfer of Alexey Navalny, Russian oppositional leader and blogger, to Germany. The hospital made the decision after agreeing to a request from Navalny’s family, asking for him to be relocated.

On August 20, Navalny’s spokeswoman Kira Yarmysh reported that Navalny’s plane, en route from Tomsk to Moscow, conducted an emergency landing in Omsk, because Navalny suddenly felt bad and was hospitalized being in unconscious condition.

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