Opposition demands the resignation of Georgian PM and proportional snap elections
Opposition demands the resignation of Georgian PM and proportional snap elections

The Opposition Parties demand the resignation of Prime Minister Giorgi Gakharia and proportional snap elections.

As the leader of the ‘New Georgia’, Giorgi Vashadze said after the meeting, it is a general demand that proportional snap elections should be held in a proportionate manner under the provisional government.

‘There are specific procedures for early proportional elections, which we have discussed.

Bidzina Ivanishvili has slapped us in a face which we will not forgive. We have to be irreconcilable.

I urge the public to join the protest that should lead Georgia to victory.

We must restore our dignity,’- Giorgi Vashadze said.

The constitutional changes prepared by the parliamentary majority regarding transformation onto the proportional system of elections were turned down in the parliament.

Based on the results of free balloting, the 101 MPs voted for, 3- against the constitutional draft project presented by the ruling team. The 113 votes were needed for the approval of the draft project. The 141 MPs underwent registration.

The Constitutional changes were put for voting with the first hearing in the Georgian parliament earlier this afternoon.

Based on the initiative of the parliamentary majority, the 2020 parliamentary elections are planned to be held with the proportional (party) system under the conditions of 0%, the so-called ‘natural’ election barrier.

The opposition, on the other hand, proposed holding of the parliamentary elections under the conditions of 3% threshold and possibility to form election blocks by parties.

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