Nika Melia released on bail [Video/Photo]

Nika Melia, MP of the National Movement Party,  has been released on 30 000 GEL bail. Judge Temur Gogokhia satisfied the motion of the defence side, rejecting prosecution motion for pre-trial detention.

As the judge noted, Melia should be prohibited to leave the place of residence without the consent of the investigating body and to make public statements in public places.

The lawyer Giorgi Kondakhishvili demanded bail of 10 thousand GEL as a preventive measure. In addition, the attorney presented a letter according to which several MPs express readiness to stand bail for Melia.

General Prosecutor’s Office applied to the Court with the motion to impose imprisonment to the member of the parliament. As Prosecutor Amiran Guluashvili explained Melia may try to influence on witnesses or destroy evidence.

Yesterday, the Georgian parliament held the voting and gave  consent, according to which, the General Prosecutor’s Office could apply to the Court with the motion to impose imprisonment to Nika Melia. The 91 MPs voted for, and 0 – against.  On June 25, the General Prosecutor’s Office charged Nika Melia, a member of the National Movement, in connection with the June 20 developments in front of the parliament building at Rustaveli Avenue in Tbilisi.

According to Prosecutor’s Office, within the investigation under Article 225 of the Criminal Code of Georgia, the elements of offence under the Criminal Code of Georgia were identified in the acts of Nika Melia, the member of the Parliament of Georgia.  The decision on prosecution under Articles 225.1 and 225.2 of the Criminal Code of Georgia has been taken towards Melia for organising and participating in a group violence during the public demonstration.

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