NGOs denounce GD's decision to quit EU-brokered deal
NGOs denounce GD's decision to quit EU-brokered deal

NGOs echoed Georgian Dream’s recent decision to quit the EU-brokered compromise agreement.

Undersigned civil society organizations believe “this decision by the authorities constitutes a straightforward rejection of Georgia’s Euro-Atlantic course and the peaceful development of the country through democratic reforms.”

“The decision of Georgian Dream is a way to deepen the pre-election political crisis and polarization and only serves a desire to retain the power, for which the “Georgian Dream” is ready to sacrifice the country’s prosperity, Western orientation, democratic development, and friendly relations with strategic partners,” NGOs underscored.

Earlier today, the ruling Georgian Dream party chair Irakli Kobakhidze dubbed the EU-brokered April 19 Agreement as annulled, saying it completed its mission and exhausted itself 100 days after signing as the majority of opposition figures having abstained from joining.

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