MEP Kaljurand: Completely new situation in Georgia, but agreement implementation to be crucial
MEP Kaljurand: Completely new situation in Georgia, but agreement implementation to be crucial

There is a completely new situation in Georgia. Charles Michel arrived in Tbilisi, met with political parties and said signing the document is not enough, the second stage, the implementation is crucial. As a matter of fact, we can talk about a full and complete end to the crisis until the compromise agreement is implemented,” ​​Estonian MEP Marina Kaljurand stated at the online seminar organized by the European Policy Center.

According to the MEP, the European Union was involved in resolving the political crisis in Georgia at the highest level.

“The European Council President Michel asked his personal envoy Christian Danielsson to mediate the political situation in Georgia. The EU institutions, including European Commission, the external action services and European Parliament were involved in solving the political crisis. I’m proud of the role that the European Parliament has played. I think in the European parliament, we were able to put our party interests below the wider interests. There was a clear signal in the form of a letter from different political families that the Georgian leaders should come to a compromise proposed by Ambassador Danielsson. It is a good compromise, you have to end this deadlock because Georgia has much more important questions on the table. These are the judicial reform, electoral reform, aspirations for the EU, population fighting pandemic, economic problems and vaccination. These are the topics the Georgian government and the Georgian parliament have to solve,” the MEP stated.

According to Marina Kaljurand, the parliament cannot function and cannot be democratic, of the opposition is not there.

“The opposition has to be there, the opposition has to be vocal. The opposition has to work in the parliament as the Georgian people mandated them during the Parliamentary elections in October. I would not say that it is a new normality today, but I would rather say Georgia is back where it was before the political crisis. Georgia can pay more attention and tackle the questions that are most important to the country. I’m happy that our partnership, the EU-Georgia partnership, will go the same path as before and will now have much more possibilities for cooperation improvement,” Kaljurand said.

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