Gov't answers FAQs on eased COVID-19-related restrictions
Gov't answers FAQs on eased COVID-19-related restrictions

Georgian government continues to lift coronavirus-related restrictions across Georgia. According to the anti-crisis plan, from May 5, construction, construction supervision, manufacture of building materials and car repair companies will be allowed to recommence work.

Moreover, starting tomorrow, restrictions on travel to Batumi and Kutaisi will be lifted. Restrictions on travel still remain in force in Tbilisi and Rustavi, however, Georgian prime minister Giorgi Gakharia expressed hope that relevant decision would be made in those cities by the end of the week.

The Government of Georgia (GOG) has answered frequently asked questions (FAQ)s on eased COVID-19-related restrictions:

🔴 Does the removal of restrictions on construction business concern the sale of construction materials?

– No, sales are allowed only online.

🔴 Is it allowed to travel to Kutaisi and Batumi during the curfew?

– No, the curfew remains in force.

🔴 Is it permissible to sell the car parts?

– No, selling/buying car parts are allowed online or at auto repair shops only if the vehicle inspection reveals the necessity to bay a particular detail for a car.

🔴 Will reopened auto repair businesses serve motorcycles, mopeds and bicycles?

– Yes, they will serve motorcycles, mopeds and bicycles.

🔴 Is it mandatory for car service centres and car wash centres to follow the relevant rules introduced by the Ministry of Health?

– Yes, it is mandatory to follow the recommendations introduced by the Ministry of Health.


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