Georgian NGOs concern over GD statements
Georgian NGOs concern over GD statements

Twenty-one Georgian NGOs released a statement on Wednesday over “the ruling party’s attacks on western partners that are becoming an alarming trend.”

The signatory organizations echoed the remarks of the Georgian Dream Chair Irakli Kobakhidze, “which serves to discredit Georgia’s western partners and friends.”

“This is not the first time that the ruling team leaders have publicly and openly attacked their foreign partners when they critically assess the current events in the country. With such rhetoric, a country whose majority of the population supports the western vector of development will suffer more and more damage.

It seems that the ruling party is not going to lead the democratic process in the country and is ready to ruin relations with western countries and politicians, create serious problems for the country on its path to Euro-Atlantic integration,” NGOs underscored.

The signatory organizations include Transparency International Georgia, Open Society Georgia Foundation, International Society for Fair Elections and Democracy, Georgian Foundation for Strategic and International Studies, Europe Foundation, Atlantic Council of Georgia, Media Development Foundation, Economic Policy Research Center, Partnership for Human Rights, Society and Banks, UN Association of Georgia, Human Rights Center, In-Depth Reporting and Economic Analysis Center, Governance Monitoring Center, Georgian Reform Association, Georgian Democracy Initiative, Georgian Young Lawyers’ Association, Rights Georgia, Sapari, Tolerance and Diversity Institute, Institute for Democracy and Safe Development.


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