Georgia becomes President of International Olive Council
Georgia becomes President of International Olive Council

Georgia was named President of the International Olive Council (IOC), an intergovernmental organization of states that produce olives or products derived from olives, such as olive oil. Georgia received the presidency during the 60th jubilee of the organization’s establishment in Madrid, Spain.

The Georgian delegation headed by Deputy Foreign Minister of Foreign Affairs Aleksandre Khvtisiashvili and Deputy Agriculture Minister Khatia Tsilosani attended the meeting.

“Arrangement of olives plantations contributes to the employment of locals and economic growth. The Council helps its members in the attraction of investments and selling of products derived from olives,” Tsilosani said.

The Georgian state flag was put up outside of the organization building and an olive tree brought from Georgia was planted in the yard as part of the ceremony.

Originally established in 1959 under the 1955 International Agreement on Olive Oil, the IOC seeks to promote the international trade in olive products, part of which it does by establishing and ensuring adherence to grading standards for those products.

The organization’s members account for more than 98% of global olive production. The IOC’s headquarters are in Madrid, Spain. The organization unites 17 countries. Egypt chaired the IOC in 2019.

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