GD won't join EU-mediated agreement, MP Kobakhidze says 
GD won't join EU-mediated agreement, MP Kobakhidze says 

The ruling party will not join April 19 Agreement, stressed Georgian Dream Chair Irakli Kobakhidze following the meeting with Georgian President Salome Zourabichvili on Monday.

Kobakhidze ruled out signing  similar agreement in future “despite any artificial crises the radical opposition might create.”

“We should not allow the country to derail from the constitutional framework, even temporarily. This agreement has been annulled as four political parties, more than 30 MPs did not sign the document within 100 days. Also, signatory parties are responsible as they did not support specific initiatives under this document,” Kobakhidze declared.

Kobakhidze announced on July 28 the EU-brokered April 19 Agreement as annulled, saying it completed its mission and exhausted itself 100 days after signing as the majority of opposition figures having abstained from joining.

Today, the Georgian President is meeting with the ruling team and opposition members over Georgian Dream’s recent decision.

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