Ambassador Kelly Degnan opens American Shelf in Kvareli
Ambassador Kelly Degnan opens American Shelf in Kvareli

US Ambassador to Georgia Kelly Degnan has opened the new Kvareli American Shelf in partnership with the Kvareli EuroClub on Thursday.

“More than 130 years ago, Ilia Chavchavadze wrote: “If God wills the United States to fulfill its wish for the sake of humankind, it would be a great example for Europe.” Ambassador Degnan visited the city where Chavchavadze was born and told students at Kvareli School #1 that today it is Georgia’s wish for a democratic future that is inspiring the world,” the Embassy said.

According to the Embassy, the community will find books, games, and activities at the American Shelf to develop the skills Georgia needs to continue its democratic development, economic growth, and Western integration. The U.S. Embassy also supports an American Shelf in Gori and by the end of the summer plans to open American Shelves in three more Georgian communities.

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Posted by US Embassy Tbilisi, Georgia on Thursday, May 13, 2021

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