Abkhazian language protected under Georgian Constitution, PM says 
Abkhazian language protected under Georgian Constitution, PM says 

Georgian Prime Minister Irakli Garibashvili congratulated the Day of Abkhazian Language to the entire Georgia, “especially representatives of the Abkhaz community to whom it is a native language.”

PM claims “Abkhazian language, culture and traditions are an integral part and wealth of our common, diverse culture. Along with Georgian, the Abkhazian language is protected under the Constitution of Georgia and the State has a special duty to maintain and develop it.”

“In the conditions of occupation and unlawful policy of current Russianization, the Abkhazian language is facing a serious threat of disappearance. The Government of Georgia is taking significant steps to save and protect it, promote its development and popularization. For Abkhazian cultural identity, maintained distinctiveness and development of the language, it is essential that our efforts are jointly implemented and more youth gets interested in learning this unique language. Together, we should create a peaceful future in a unified European state.

Еицыҳахьчап аҧсуа бызшәа!

Let us protect the Abkhazian language together!” PM stated.


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