Grigol Murgulia
Grigol Murgulia


1976  – Tbilisi State University, Philology Department

Work Experience:

Tbilisi Youth Theater Studio “Metekhi” – Deputy Head of Literature Department (1977-1981);

Tbilisi Public Schools – Teacher of Georgian Language and Literature at #23 and #18 Schools, Private Schools “Logos” and “Backswood” (1982 to present); Central Institute of Georgian Teachers’ Qualification and Training – Rector (1990-2000);

Member of Tbilisi Sakrebulo (City Assembly) – Deputy Chairman of Education and Social Affairs Commission (2002-2005);

Tbilisi #24 Public School – Director (2005-2012);

Tbilisi Private School “Logos” – Founder, Director (2010-2014);

Scientific Head (2017 – to present);

Tbilisi Private School “Hamilton” – Founder and Director (2016-2017);

Georgian Schools Administering Association – Founder and Chairman of Administration (2016 – to present);

Association of Teachers of Georgian Language and Literature – Founder and Chairman of Administration (2016 to present);

Magazine “Georgian Word” – Chief Editor (2011);

Magazine “School Management” – Chief Editor (2017 to present);

Georgian Radio, Program “Our School” – Author and Host (2019 to present);

Professional Products:

Supplementary Textbook – “Talks about Old Georgian Literature” (1992, together with co-authors);

“Davit Guramishvili’s Art Faces System” (1998);

“Thoughts about Education” (Book of educational essays, 1998);

“World Selected Short Stories” 6 Volumes – Idea Author and Compiler (2007-2008);

“Wisdom in Miniature” Collection – Idea Author and Compiler (2010);

Series “Georgian Writers at School” (18 books issued, from 1996 to 2014) – Idea Author and Chief Editor;

“Talks with senior school students” (2013);

Collection “Meanings” (Alternative opinion about Georgian Literature) – Idea Author, Compiler and Author of essays (2018);

“Logos” – Literature Letters and Essays (2019);

“Thinking about Thoughts” – Educational Resource for School Humanitarian Education (2020).


“Evening Poems“ (2011);

“I Want You to Read Poems to Me” (Poetry Collection, 2016);

“Heavy and Light” (Collection of short stories, 2017).

Carried out Educational Projects:

“Small Prose” (2014 to present);

“Film” (2017 to present);

Short Course of Philology for senior school students (2017 to present);

Gogi Dolidze Georgian Songs Festival for School Students (2006 to 2011, held 4 times);

Competition for talented humanitarian senior school students “I write on Free Topics” (2004 to 2016, held 5 times);


2010 – Presidential Award of Excellence for Special Merit and Prolific Pedagogic Activities.