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Unknown Music

Author - Kakha Tolordava. 
Hosts: Kakha Tolordava , Gia Khaduri. 

To find music of high quality in the virtual space, becomes more complicated. Such kind of music disappeared and only the small part of audience is able listen to this lost music. However, the „lost" or „unknown" music is full of experiments. The program offers to the viewing audience this rare, unknown Music - from the whole world, from Japan to African countries. It is the program for the people, for whom music is not the source of entertainment. The program will not be based on Mainstream, commercial, „easily understandable" or „easy-to-see" production. It is „difficult listening" music, which includes different musical genres. 

It is the program for great lovers of music, for the people, who think that good music does not belong to the past and to the nostalgia. They know, that to discover new high quality music, need some efforts to avoid turned the music only a tool for fun, it needs to generate new ideas. New ideas means appearance of a new audience.