Fight against terrorism – one of the main challenges for Georgia

Fight against terrorism remains one of the main challenges for Georgia. Levan Izoria, Deputy Head of State Security Service presented the annual report of 2015 at the expanded sitting of three – Law Affairs, Human Rights and Defense and Security -- parliamentary committees today. Izoria introduced MPs with preventive measures that are carried out in Georgia. 

He said that about 1 300 people were detained across Georgia’s state borders and 1 014 were deported. Izoria said that about 50 Georgian citizens are present in Syria and Iraq with terrorism related purposes. He also talked about the current situation across the occupied territories and struggle against corruption.

Lawmakers had questions to Izoria about release of secretly recorded video material reflecting private life. They became interested with the ongoing investigation details. The meeting proceeded under the background of harsh debates and statements. 

Vakhtang Gomelauri, Head of State Security Service will present the 2015 annual report in the parliament this week. Before that, the lawmakers will become introduced with the report at various committees.

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