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Citizen of Uzbekistan detained on fact of trafficking

Publish Time 2015-07-02 13:33:00

Officers of Central Criminal Police Department, Division against illegal migration and west Regional Main Division as a result of operative-searching and investigative activities detained the citizen of Uzbekistan Dilrabo A (DoB 1981) in Gonio settlement, Batumi on the fact of trafficking.

Investigation established that the detainee arrived in Batumi on August 4th, 2013 from Uzbekistan along with Ukaddam T. and accommodated her in rented apartment in Gonio settlement. Detainee deprived the victim of the ID card, illegally restricted her freedom and forced her to be involved in prostitution by means of threats, intimidation and physical abuse. Dilrabo A. appropriated sums of Ukaddam T. received through prostitution until November 7th, 2013. According to the victim, the appropriated sum amounted up to 10 000 US dollars.

Investigation established, that upon the receipt of the abovementioned sum, the convict and the victim quit communication, the victim continued to live in Batumi. The law enforcers got informed on the alleged crime on the basis of operative information received in the beginning of 2015. The investigation also established, that in the February of current year, Dilrabo A. demanded from Ukadda T. certain amount of money by means of threats citing the paying of an old dept.

The law enforcers revealed the guilt of Dilrabo A. on the basis of authentic evidences gained by means of operative-investigative activities. The detainee was accused for trafficking and taken under arrest. Investigation is in progress on the fact of trafficking, article 143 prima parts I and III, subparagraph “G.”

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