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Senate confirms retired generals as first two Trump cabinet members
Update Time: 2017-01-22 16:05:00
The U.S. Senate confirmed the first two members of President Donald Trump's cabinet on Friday, voting overwhelmingly to approve two retired four-star Marine generals as his secretaries of defense and homeland security hours after Trump was sworn in as commander-in-chief, - Reuters reported.The Senate voted 98-1 to confirm James Mattis to lead the Pentagon, and 88-11 to confirm John Kelly for homeland security, a sprawling department responsible for everything from domestic antiterrorism to border security and disaster prevention.The Senate also voted 89-8 to clear the way for a vote on Monday on another member of Trump's national security team, Republican U.S. Representative Mike Pompeo, his nominee to be director of the Central Intelligence Agency.Trump's fellow Republicans, who hold a 52-seat majority in the 100-member Senate, have been sparring with Democrats over confirmations of nominees for cabinet posts and other senior positions.Republicans had hoped to confirm at least seven on Friday, but Democrats objected, complaining that Republicans were trying to force votes too quickly on nominees who were too slow to provide financial and ethics information.Republicans accused Democrats of playing politics and risking public safety by delaying national security team nominations that they knew would eventually go through.The CIA post is one of the most highly charged in Washington, amid controversy surrounding Russian attempts to influence the 2016 U.S. presidential election in Trump's favor.The last CIA director, John Brennan, who had criticized Trump, resigned Friday.
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Theresa May to meet Donald Trump
Update Time: 2017-01-22 16:04:00
Prime Minister of UK Theresa May will meet US President Donald Trump in Washington DC on Friday, the White House has said, - BBC reported.Mrs May will be the first foreign leader to meet the new president after his inauguration.A post-Brexit free trade deal is thought likely to be high on her agenda as she travels to the US for talks.Confirmation of the meeting came as hundreds of thousands of people around the world joined women's marches to protest Mr Trump's presidency.Mr Trump's press secretary Sean Spicer gave details of Mrs May's visit in his first briefing to journalists at the White House on Saturday.Earlier, while visiting the CIA's headquarters, President Trump said the PM "is coming over to our country very shortly".
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Trump claims media 'dishonest' over crowd photos
Update Time: 2017-01-22 12:05:00
US President Donald Trump has accused the media of dishonesty over the number of people attending his inauguration, - BBC reported.Mr Trump said "it looked like" some 1.5m people had been there when he spoke at the US Capitol on Friday.Later, his White House press secretary said it had been "the largest audience to ever see an inauguration, period".Neither man has produced evidence to back their claims. And photographs appear to show many more attending the inauguration of Barack Obama in 2009.On Saturday, millions in the US and around the world protested against Mr Trump's new administration.The largest US rally was in the capital Washington, which city officials estimated to be more than 500,000-strong, followed by New York with some 400,000 and hundreds of thousands elsewhere, including Chicago and Los Angeles.The aim was mainly to highlight women's rights, which activists believe to be under threat from the new administration.
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Women protest against Trump on streets of Europe's capitals
Update Time: 2017-01-21 20:24:00
Thousands of women took to the streets of European capitals to join "sister marches" in Asia against newly installed U.S. President Trump ahead of a major rally in Washington expected to draw nearly a quarter of a million people.Waving banners with slogans like "Special relationship, just say no" and "Nasty women unite," the demonstrators gathered outside the American embassy in Grosvenor Square before heading to a rally in central Trafalgar Square.Worldwide some 670 marches were planned, according to the organizers' website which says more than two million marchers are expected to protest against Trump, who was sworn in as the 45th U.S. president on Friday, Reuters reports.Celebrities including rights activist Bianca Jagger, singer Charlotte Church and actor Ian McKellen expressed their support for the protest on social media.Several marchers wore pink "pussy" hats, and carried banners with slogans like: "this pussy bites back" after the emergence of a 2005 tape in which Trump spoke of women in a demeaning way sparked widespread outrage.In Europe, marches also took place in Berlin, Paris, Rome, Vienna, Geneva and Amsterdam. Around 2,000 people marched in Vienna, according to estimates by the police and organizers, but sub-zero temperatures quickly thinned the crowd to a couple of hundred.One protester placed a pink knitted hat with cat ears on the golden statue of 19th century composer Johann Strauss, while in Geneva police estimated around 1,000 people, mainly women and children, marched through the Swiss city.In Africa, hundreds of protesters in Nairobi's Karura Forest waved placards and sang American protest songs.Emily MacCartney, a 28-year-old documentary maker with a Texas tattoo on her arm, said she felt the new president did not respect women's rights or gay rights. "Within 30 minutes of the inauguration, they had removed LGTBQ rights from the White House website," she said, using the abbreviation for lesbian, gay, transsexual, bisexual or queer.Kenyan Muthoni Ngige, 28, said "I'm here because I'm against world leaders being pussy grabbers. I'm here in solidarity with the women of America."Many marchers were also
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Donald Trump sworn in as 45th President of America
Update Time: 2017-01-21 12:11:00
Donald J Trump has capped the day of his inauguration with dancing and celebrating, hours after being sworn in as the 45th President of America with a vow to rebuild the country using "American hands"."American carnage stops right here and right now," he said on the steps of the Capitol after taking the Oath of Office.He said he would strip power away from Washington and give it "back to the people". "We must think big and dream even bigger," he said. "America will start winning again, winning like never before."We will bring back our jobs, we will bring back our borders, we will bring back our wealth and we will bring back our dreams."We will build new roads and highways and bridges and airports and tunnels and railways all across our wonderful nation."Barack Obama, the former president and his wife Michelle, the former first lady, watched on as they handed power to the Trumps.
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Italy school bus crash leaves 16 dead
Publish Time: 2017-01-21 11:23:00
A bus carrying schoolchildren has crashed and caught fire in northern Italy, killing at least 16 people, emergency officials say, as reported by BBC.The bus, carrying pupils from Hungary, collided with a pylon as it exited the A4 motorway near Verona late on Friday. Italy's national fire service said on Twitter that another 39 people had been injured.The bus was returning to Budapest from France, where the pupils had been on a mountain holiday. Italian news agency Ansa said a number of the pupils, who were mainly boys aged between 14 and 18, were thrown out of the vehicle when it collided with the pylon.It is not known why the bus left the road. Others were trapped inside the bus when it caught fire, Ansa said. Ten of those in hospital are seriously hurt, it said.The death toll is not expected to increase, the fire service added. Hungarian media reported that the country's consul in Milan has arrived in Verona. 
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Donald Trump inauguration: Countdown to swearing in new US President
Publish Time: 2017-01-20 18:05:00
US President-elect Donald Trump will be officially sworn into office, taking the title ‘President of the United States’ after the inauguration to be held today. Donald Trump's inauguration speech will be "personal" and "philosophical", his spokesperson has said. The tycoon-turned-politician will deliver his first address as US president to hundreds of thousands of people gathered in Washington DC and millions watching around the world this afternoon.With the help of long-time speech-writer Stephen Miller, Mr Trump is expected to deliver a relatively short speech referring to ideas from his campaign such as "America First" and the need to "Make America Great Again".Topics are said to include border security, the military, the economy and the outsourcing of jobs, CNN reported. Trump’s domestic agenda hinges on one premise: make the middle-class great again. 
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Donald Trump inauguration line-up
Update Time: 2017-01-20 16:30:00
US President-elect Donald Trump will be officially sworn into office, taking the title ‘President of the United States’ after the inauguration to be held today. The day before the vows are taken, as is tradition, a celebratory concert will take place featuring a whole host of celebrity performers.For Obama’s first inauguration concert – "We Are One" – the likes of Bruce Springsteen, Stevie Wonder and Beyoncé played. Trump’s line-up is a little lacklustre by comparison.First, rather than delving straight into celebrity performances there will be a “Voices of the People” parade. Participants will include the DC Fire Department Emerald Society Pipes and Drums, King’s Academy Honor Choir and the Republican Hindu Coalition.Following the introduction, “The Make America Great Again! Welcome Celebration” will run, with Trump and his VP Mike Pence making speeches throughout, The Independent reported.
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Turkish female MPs fight over constitutional reforms
Publish Time: 2017-01-20 12:48:00
Female Turkish legislators come to blows after a lawmaker protests against constitutional reforms that would expand President Rejep Tayyip Erdogan’s powers. Aylin Nazliaka had handcuffed herself to a microphone at the podium, refusing to end her protest even after the parliament twice went into recess. A brawl broke out after one lawmaker proceeded to unscrew the microphone Nazliaka had attached herself to. Two female lawmakers have been hospitalized due to injuries. President Erdogan has said the constitutional reforms would enable Turkey to deal with the increasing threats it is faced with. The opponents accuse Erdogan of authoritarian tendencies and believe that the reforms would give unchecked powers to the presidential office. The parliament is expected to make a final decision about the proposed reforms on Friday or Saturday.
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Russian citizens to visit Armenia with internal passports
Publish Time: 2017-01-20 12:46:00
The Armenian government approved today the decision to give citizens of the Russian Federation the opportunity of entry, exit, stay and movement in the territory of the Republic of Armenia with Russian passports (internal passports).Armenian Deputy Foreign Minister Shavarsh Kocharyan reported that the changes in the agreement, signed between Armenia and Russia before, will ease entry of Russian citizens to the Republic of Armenia, contributing at the same time to promotion of tourism, as well as development of ties in trade, economy and other sectors. By another decision of the Armenian government, entry visa requirement for citizens of Armenia and United Arab Emirates will be lifted.
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Kremlin Spokesman Peskov Refutes Hacking Allegations Against Russia
Publish Time: 2017-01-20 12:41:00
Russian authorities are in no way involved in the alleged cyber attacks against the United States, particularly the alleged hacking that could have influenced the outcome of US presidential elections, Dmitry Peskov stressed in an interview with BBC."Neither Russian government, nor Kremlin, nor President Putin personally, nor military intelligence, stand behind those attacks, if they really exist," Peskov said.In December, US President Barack Obama's administration ordered the expulsion of 35 Russian diplomats, the closure of two Russian diplomatic compounds and new sanctions against six Russian individuals and five entities over Moscow's alleged interference in the 2016 US presidential election, which the Kremlin has repeatedly denied."Every day we have hundreds of thousands of cyber attacks against our digital systems in the Russian Federation. Some of them are coming from the territory of the United States. Dozens are coming from the territory of Germany, dozens coming from Great Britain. Do you think that it means, with a high state of certainty that hose attacks against our digital systems are being promoted by the governments in Washington, in London, or in Berlin? No, you would probably say no, it’s out of question," Peskov told BBC.The Kremlin spokesman specified that Russia does not believe that the territorial links automatically mean that foreign governments are connected to the hacking."We think that it has nothing to do with the governments, although we also have some evidence that some foreign special services might stand behind some very, very tense attacks against our banks and, well, our official websites," Peskov said.Russian officials have called the US hacking allegations against Russia absurd, saying that they are intended to deflect US public opinion from revelations of corruption and other pressing domestic concerns.The issue of hacking attacks against government networks in different countries has come under the spotlight in recent months after a number of US and German officials claimed that hacking attacking targets in these countries, such as the US Democratic National Committee (DNC) or the infrastructure of the Organization for Security and Cooperation in Europe (OSCE), have been allegedly linked to Russia.
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Melbourne car deaths: Three killed as driver strikes pedestrians
Publish Time: 2017-01-20 12:29:00
Three people, including a young child, have died after a car deliberately hit pedestrians in central Melbourne, police say.At least 29 people were injured, among them a baby who is in a critical condition after the car hit a pram. Police say they rammed the car, shot the driver in the arm and arrested him.They say the incident was not terror-related, but is believed to be linked to a stabbing in Melbourne's south-east early on Friday, BBC reports.The car ploughed into the pedestrians in the Bourke St Mall, a busy shopping area, just before 14:00 (03:00 GMT). Footage broadcast on local media showed a maroon car driving in circles in front of nearby Flinders Street railway station.
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Washington braces for anti-Trump protests, New Yorkers march
Update Time: 2017-01-20 12:08:00
Washington turned into a virtual fortress on Thursday ahead of Donald Trump's presidential inauguration, while thousands of people took to the streets of New York and Washington to express their displeasure with his coming administration.Some 900,000 people, both Trump backers and opponents, are expected to flood Washington for Friday's inauguration ceremony, according to organizers' estimates. Events include the swearing-in ceremony on the steps of the U.S. Capitol and a parade to the White House along streets thronged with spectators, Reuters reports.The number of planned protests and rallies this year is far above what has been typical at recent presidential inaugurations, with some 30 permits granted in Washington for anti-Trump rallies and sympathy protests planned in cities from Boston to Los Angeles, and outside the U.S. in cities including London and Sydney.The night before the inauguration, thousands of people turned out in New York for a rally at the Trump International Hotel and Tower, and then marched a few blocks from the Trump Tower where the businessman lives.The rally featured a lineup of politicians, activists and celebrities including Mayor Bill de Blasio and actor Alec Baldwin, who trotted out the Trump parody he performs on "Saturday Night Live." "Donald Trump may control Washington, but we control our destiny as Americans," de Blasio said. "We don't fear the future. We think the future is bright, if the people's voices are heard."In Washington, a group made up of hundreds of protesters clashed with police clad in riot gear who used pepper spray against some of the crowd on Thursday night, according to footage on social media.The confrontation occurred outside the National Press Club building, where inside a so-called "DeploraBall" event was being held in support of Trump, the footage showed.U.S. Department of Homeland Security Secretary Jeh Johnson said police aimed to keep groups separate, using tactics similar to those employed during last year's political conventions. "The concern is some of these groups are pro-Trump, some of them are con-Trump, and they may not play well together in the same space," Johnson said on MSNBC.Trump opponents have been angered by his comments during the campaign about women, illegal immigrants and Muslims and his pledges to scr
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Italy Rigopiano avalanche: Dozens missing under snow and rubble
Update Time: 2017-01-19 20:18:00
Rescuers have removed three bodies from a hotel engulfed by an avalanche in central Italy as a desperate search for up to 30 other people continues, - BBC reportedHeavy snow and disruption caused by multiple earthquakes have hindered rescue efforts in the rubble of the Rigopiano hotel, in the Abruzzo region.The disaster struck on Wednesday evening but rescuers only reached the site on Thursday as roads were blocked.Two people who were outside the hotel at the time of the avalanche survived.Four earthquakes above magnitude 5 rocked central Italy on Wednesday, with tremors continuing into the night.
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Prime Minister is visiting Davos
Publish Time: 2017-01-19 09:50:00
Georgia’s Prime Minister Giorgi Kvirikashvili is visiting Davos. Kvirikashvili will deliver a speech at the panel dedicated to Silk Road Project.Georgia’s Ministers of Foreign Affairs and Economy, as well as head of the Co-Investment Fund Giorgi Bachiashvili are in Davos as well.Within the framework of the Economic Forum Kvirikashvili will hold meetings with representatives of business companies.  Bilateral meetings with European leaders will be held as well.
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Turkey issues arrest warrants for 243 military members
Publish Time: 2017-01-18 16:37:00
Turkish prosecutors have issued arrest warrants for 243 members of the military in 54 provinces across the country, the state-run Anadolu news agency said on Wednesday, in a probe following July's failed coup.Anadolu said the suspects were being sought on suspicion they were using Bylock, an encrypted smartphone messaging app that the government says was used by the network of Fethullah Gulen, the U.S.-based cleric accused by Ankara of orchestrating the attempted coup.
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Former President George H.W. Bush, 92, is taken to hospital in Texas
Publish Time: 2017-01-18 16:36:00
Former US President George H.W. Bush has been admitted to hospital in Texas with an undisclosed illness.The 92-year-old, was taken to Houston Methodist Hospital after falling ill, according to his office chief of staff, Jean Becker. But she said he was is in a stable condition and was 'doing fine'.Bush, a former CIA director, was Ronald Reagan's Vice President from 1980 until 1988 and was then President until he was defeated in the 1992 election by Bill Clinton, reported.  
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Harper’s Bazaar advises readers to spend honeymoon in Georgia
Publish Time: 2017-01-18 13:32:00
Georgia is among the 17 places of the world where Harper’s Bazaar advises its readers to spend honeymoon in 2017. “For those looking to honeymoon on the road less traveled, Georgia (the Eastern European country, not the U.S. state) has gained recognition over the past couple of years for emerging food, wine and fashion scenes (remember, Tbilisi has a fashion week, too). Exploring the country's underrated beaches, sprawling countryside or ski slopes (depending on the time of year) after a tour through the capital city will have honeymooners feeling as though they've experienced the best of both worlds.Start off with a tour of Kakheti, Georgia's wine country, then head to Tbilisi for a taste of what makes this evolving cultural hub so exciting to fashion-lovers and foodies alike. Whether you decide to cap off your trip with skiing in the colder months or in summertime for the country's best beaches, you'll leave this hidden gem feeling as though you've tapped into a locale some of the world's most traveled have yet to discover,” says the publication about Georgia.
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More Than 50 Democratic Congress Members Planning to Skip Inauguration
Publish Time: 2017-01-18 12:57:00
Dozens of Democratic members of Congress have announced they will skip Donald Trump's Friday inauguration. While some of the 55 made their decision in previous weeks, many more have come forward in recent days, citing the president-elect's perceived insult of Rep. John Lewis as the final straw.Trump lashed out at the civil rights icon Saturday morning after Lewis said in a Friday interview he didn't view Trump as "a legitimate president." Lewis, a Georgia Democrat from an Atlanta-area district who protested alongside the Rev. Martin Luther King Jr., also said he would not attend the inauguration, ABC News reports."Congressman John Lewis should spend more time on fixing and helping his district, which is in horrible shape and falling apart (not to mention crime infested) rather than falsely complaining about the election results," Trump tweeted Saturday morning. "All talk, talk, talk - no action or results. Sad!"
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NATO’s Military Committee is meeting in Brussels
Publish Time: 2017-01-18 12:41:00
The Military Committee, NATO’s highest Military Authority, is meeting in Chiefs of Defense Session on 17-18 Jan 2017, at the NATO Headquarters, Brussels, Belgium. General Petr Pavel, Chairman of the Military Committee, is presiding over the meeting. The Chiefs of Defense will discuss the NATO Command Structure Functional Assessment, NATO’s strengthened Defense and Deterrence posture and the implementation of the Projecting Stability Initiative. They will also review the way forward for the RESOLUTE SUPPORT Mission in Afghanistan, meet with their Mediterranean Dialogue and Interoperability Platform counterparts, and partners Georgia and Ukraine. They will also have a broad discussion on Russia.  
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